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moving on with python unit testing

My earlier attempts to put some tasty wrap around pyunit have come to fruition. In an early version but hopefully somewhat usable nonetheless, is badrabbit. I hope it proves useful to others as well as to me.


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Favorite Dijkstra quotes

1. Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a quality that decides between success and failure

2. The purpose of abstracting is not to be vague, but to create a new semantic level in which one can be absolutely precise

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common_test code coverage failure

I’ve been trying to get common_test working with code coverage and one of the more esoteric (annoying!?) issues I’ve run into is that the cover tool doesn’t work properly with packages. There is a workaround, which I mention here, but that will only fix the problem with cover. In addition to this, the ct_cover module will produce reports without proper links to coverage info unless you copy the source code over the corresponding ebin directories. It would be *really* nice if this got sorted out.

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Installing Cabal on OSX Leopard

Thanks for this Jan, it has saved me lots of time!

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