using awk inside makefiles

Got bitten by this early in the morning. When using awk inside a makefile, many of awk’s built-in variables ($0..n, $NF, $FS, etc) disappear because make substitutes the dollar sign and first letter out into a (presumably) undefined value, leaving you with a mess that doesn’t work. 😛

After a little time with google, it transpires that the solution is to use two dollar signs, which make doesn’t interpolate, leaving you with a working script and leaving me with only this horror to content with (some formatting changes made so wordpress renders correctly) 🙂

find src -type f
  | awk -F "/"
  '{ print substr($$0, 0, index($$0, $$NF) - 1) }'
  | sort -u
  | awk -v cwd=$(CWD) '{ 
  print "{""\""$$0"*\",[\ndebug_info,\n{outdir, "
    {i,"cwd"/include}\n]""}." }' >> Emakefile

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  1. #1 by ruckuus on April 28, 2009 - 5:43 am

    Thanks for this post, I have been facing the same problem with you and it’s now solved!

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