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Compiling Erlang Linked-in driver code on Snow Leopard

Someone emailed me to ask how to get Joe’s example driver code to compile on snow leopard. The solution is to pass the right flags to gcc:

t4$ gcc -o exampledrv \
-arch x86_64 \
-fPIC -bundle \
-flat_namespace \
-undefined suppress \
$CFLAGS complex.c port_driver.c

This will generally still fail at runtime unless you rename (or symlink to) the .dylib you’ve created so that your shared library has the .so extension, for which the erts code is explicitly looking. Caveat: this last point may have been fixed in recent Erlang/OTP releases, but I’m a little out of touch! Using rebar to build your port driver sources circumvents this naming issue either way.



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