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Managing multiple Erlang/OTP installations

A recent post on the erlang-questions mailing list got me thinking about the way that I manage multiple (concurrent) versions of Erlang/OTP at the moment. This only works on unix-like operating systems, but it has been useful until now.

Basically, I choose a common folder, which on OSX tends to be ~/Library/Erlang and somewhere similar on other *nixes. Under this directory I keep a subdirectory into which multiple ERTS versions can be installed and another site directory into which common/shared libraries and applications can be installed.

~/Library/Erlang/Current -> /Users/t4/Library/Erlang/Versions/R13B04

I then set my $ERL_LIBS environment variable to the site directory and symlink the current folder as I wish. I also configure tools like epm and/or sutro to use the site directory as their target install folder, giving me a consistent way to install things.

The main thing lacking from this approach is that I have control over which libs/apps in the site directory are compatible with which installed versions of ERTS. A good solution to this that doesn’t force me to use an entire tool-chain in order to take advantage of it, sounds very promising.


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