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Does Erlang/OTP need a new package management solution?

Since mid 2011 I’ve been thinking on and off about this question. There are some package management solutions available for Erlang/OTP already, but none of them really seem to meet my needs. I had been considering writing a new solution from the ground up, but decided to take a pause and engage with members of the open source community first. I reasoned that it’s better to build something that benefits the whole community and supports a wide range of user experiences, rather than just hack something together for my own use. Since the turn of the year, I’ve had some very constructive conversations with the Erlware developers, as well as some recent discussions on erlang-questions about this topic, with Joe Armstrong contributing to the pool of ideas. This post looks at the origin of these conversations, some of the driving forces, and concludes with a review of the direction in which the Erlware developers and I think we ought to consider going in.

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