Rebar Plugins

A list of rebar plugins I’ve contributed on github.

  1. Distribution – Somewhat akin to the maven-assembly plugin
  2. ReTest-Plugin – Allows you to run ReTest via rebar
  3. Git-Vsn – Generates last (current) git-tag priv/SCM.vsn for sub_dirs
  4. QC Plugin – An alternative implementation of PropEr/QuickCheck integration
  5. Plugin Manager (API) – A general purpose plugins API with support for runtime code generation
  6. Alien Tools – Generates a plugin from configuration so as to integrate rebar with foreign tool chains
  7. Lifecycle Phase Plugin – Provides configurable lifecycle phases in a manner similar to maven
  8. Path Plugin – Add additional directories to the code path during build phases
  9. Skip Deps – Configure rebar to skip dependency processing for certain commands
  10. Alternative Dependency Management – Support for installing non-standard dependencies
  11. Remote Plugin Loader – Load your rebar plugins directly from a URL
For a complete list, take a look at my github profile. You can also see my contributions to rebar here – check the “closed” flag to see already merged pull requests as well as any open ones.
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