Most of the open source software I’ve written or contributed to is on github these days. Much of this can be installed using maven2cabal, epm or sutro – or downloaded freely from github and used under various permissive open source licenses. Some of these are half finished, some in production.


  • RabbitMQ: Open Source AMQP implementation – since May 2012 I work full time on RabbitMQ. [In Production]
  • hamcrest-erlang: Erlang/OTP implementation of Hamcrest
  • systest: Erlang/OTP Systems/Integration Testing Framework
  • rebar: I am a frequent contributor to the project and maintain my own forks
  • rebar plugins: I maintain a large number of plugins and a working tutorial on writing plugins
  • ogql: An Object Graph Qualification Language parser implemented in Erlang/OTP
  • cucumberl: I have contributed patches and features to this Erlang port of Cucumber
  • nodewatch: lightweight Erlang/OTP cluster monitoring solution [proof-of-concept: deprecated]
  • erlxsl: Erlang/OTP XSLT support via linked-in (or external port) driver [alpha]
  • edbc: Erlang DataBase Connectivity (API) [pre-alpha]
  • edbc-oci: EDBC Driver based on bindings to the Oracle Call Interface [pre-alpha]
  • urlconf-erlang: Erlang/OTP urlconf a la Django (alpha) [deprecated]


  • Cloud Haskell: An Erlang-style Concurrent, Distributed programming model Haskell (GHC) [Early Beta]
  • HORM: Haskell Object Role Modelling (data modelling) library [Private]


  • Aloha: SIP application server (Java, JAIN-SIP) [post-production – deprecated]
  • Web21C-SDK: SDK generation tools for the Web21C converged communications platform [post-production – deprecated]
  • ogql-java: An OGQL parser implemented in scala
  • axiom: Early attempt at testing systems integration scenarios (Java, apache-camel, jruby DSL) [alpha]
  • def-proxy: Annotation based (Java) dynamic proxy configuration [pre-alpha]

Enterprise Asset Vault (MDM)

  • eav: Enterprise Asset Vault – ISO/IEC 11179 compliant metadata registry [Private]
  • eav-riak: Enterprise Asset Vault – Riak back-end for the Erlang/OTP eav implementation [Private]
  • eav-edbc: Enterprise Asset Vault – edbc back-end for the Erlang/OTP eav implementation [pre-alpha]


  • jquery.xslt: JQuery wrapper for Sarissa (XSLT)
  • gen_server2: A copy of LSHIFT’s gen_server2 behaviour, packaged as an OTP library
  • presentation-model: Javascript prototype of a general-purpose Presentation Model [deprecated]
  • quickcheckp: Python QuickCheck implementation with added support for injecting arbitrary mocks/stubs [proof-of-concept]
  • badrabbit: Python Mock/Testing Library – subsumed now by quickcheckp, nose and fudge [deprecated]
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